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TCCS Easy Backup is a software tool for backing up your PC data....

TCCS Easy Backup is a software tool for backing up your PC data. It's fast,automatic, and reliable and deals with backing up to any combination ofdestinations that Windows can write to.

Easy Backup can be installed onMicrosoft Windows 2000 and XP Professional PC's. Features Safe: doesn't modify your source data in any way. Uses standard Windows functions.

Doesn't modify any Windows functions other than to install Microsoft re-distributable DLL's if they are not already present (full list displayed for your approval at the start of installation).

Fast: after making a complete backup of your source data the first time, let Easy Backup detect what files you have worked on and only back them up in future.

Versatile: backs up to any combination of memory stick, network server, external drive, CD or DVD. Lets you define multiple backup destinations and will use what is available.

Automatic: Easy Backup runs when you shut down your computer without you having to remember to run it. Asks you to supply appropriate backup destinations if missing (e.

g. plug in your memory stick). Easy: quick to set up a backup plan for your computer using Easy Backup's defaults. Comprehensive step-by-step help to lead you through the process.

Accurate: allows you to verify backed up files. Deals intelligently with any errors (e. g. run out of space) while backing up files. Logs activity in summary and detail formats.

Versioning: allows you to specify a number of previous versions of backed up files to be retained. All file names are backed up correctly including any with names in extended character sets (e.

g. Chinese). Multi-user: if you share your PC with others, you can set up a secure backup plan that is specific to each user as well as letting the Windows Administrator run backup for everyone.

Windows encryption and compression: integrates seamlessly and provides support for backing up encryption certificates if you are using these Windows features.

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